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Miina and Luci『Gin Chan/Sea song-324P REMIX-』7inch


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Miina and Luci『Gin Chan/Sea song-324P REMIX-』7inch

Format: 7inch
Price: ¥2,200 + tax
Release date:2023/01/18

★First time completely limited production

Miina and Lurch's long-awaited release of new music after three years on their first 7" single!
Miina and Lurch, a solo project by Miina, the main vocalist of Sayonara Ponytail, is releasing its first 7" single.

This is the first new music in three long-awaited years, since the first album Long time no sea, released in 2020, which was well received.
New song 'Gin-chan' on the A-side is a new innovation that challenges the multiple recording of guitar and vocals. The song's folky sound, with a pleasant, lingering quality, is a very satisfying Miina sign.
The B-side is a fan-favourite, high-profile remix of the popular 'Sea song' from the first album by Sayoponi member 324P!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. 銀ちゃん
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Sea song-324P REMIX-