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T-GROOVE & GEORGE KANO EXPERIENCE with YUKO IMAI『Secret Lover / Secret Lover (Instrumental)』7inch


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T-GROOVE & GEORGE KANO EXPERIENCE with YUKO IMAI 『Secret Lover / Secret Lover (Instrumental)』7inch

Format: 7inch
Price: ¥2,300 + tax
Release date:2022/12/02

★First complete limited edition production
★Pera jacket specification

Jazz-funk-disco featuring Japan's leading disco creator T-GROOVE and street drummer George Kano, who can hit a variety of grooves. Project T-GROOVE & GEORGE KANO EXPERIENCE latest release!

A semi-instrumental number 'Secret Love' from the first album 'Lady Champagne', which has an eerie groove, mellow guitar and refreshing chorus, and a mellow dance tune with vocals in Japanese by city pop diva YUKO IMAI, whose sweet and supple silky voice attracts a wide range of listeners!

'The sound of high-heeled shoes echoing at the entrance late at night. The sweet and dangerous thrill of love will melt you hotly tonight.
City-pop diva Yuko Imai soars over the pounding dance beats of T-Groove & George Kano.'(Toshikazu Kanazawa / Music writer・ Light Mellow)

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■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Secret Lover
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Secret Lover(Instrumental Version)