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Yoshiko Sai decides to reprint the long-awaited masterpiece of the 70's & make the first analog version of "Takura Makan"!
Limited release of BOX containing new song 7inch, autograph, and booklet, which is coveted by fans!

List price: ¥ 27,000 + tax
Release date: 2021/07/07

★ P-VINE Online Shop, Disk Union Limited
★ Complete initial limited quantity production

BOX product contents
① 5 LPs released this time
 "Taklimakan", "Manka Kagami", "Stowaway", "Fetal Dream", "Butterfly Living Room"
② 7inch record
  Side A: "The smallest village in Japan" (supervised / collaborated by Seiichi Yamamoto)
  Side B: "Dark Journey" (Full version of the song inserted in the Nikkatsu movie "Shoujo Jigoku" (1977) from the CD attached only to the book "Blue Glass Ball". The back is Cosmos Factory)
③ Booklet (B5 size 24-30P planned)
  A compilation of treasured photographs, poems and illustrations by himself, and "Yoshiko Sai Story" by JOJO Hiroshige.
④ White jacket with autograph (with autograph numbering) with 7inch and booklet thrown in

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