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Yoshiko Sai "Chou no Sumu Heya" LP

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Yoshiko Sai "Room where butterflies live" LP

Format: LP
List price: 3,800 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/07/07

★ Complete initial limited quantity production

An extremely jazz-colored album with the Tsuyoshi Yamamoto trio in the background.
A surreal and dynamistic world as if you found an exit from the inner spiritual world to the outer world.
After this 1978 album, Sai went on a journey to the world saying, "I can't write a song I like."

Yoshiko Sai Special Limited Analog Box

■ Track list

  • 1. Tobetobe Hikosen
  • 2. Kasamae
  • 3. Mimi No Nai Koneko
  • 4. Yoru No Mado
  • 5. Sabishii Indojin
  • 1. Cho No Sumu Heya
  • 2. Neko No Koneko
  • 3. Nichiyobi
  • 4. Ano Aoi Sora Ni Wa Kamisama Ga Sunde Iru
  • 5. Oni Zukushi
  • 6. Shiroi Tori