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Yoshiko Sai "Mikkou" LP

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Yoshiko Sai "Smuggling" LP

Format: LP
List price: 3,800 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/07/07

★ Complete initial limited quantity production

A masterpiece album with the theme of "smuggling", where the exotic world of Yoshiko Sai per Silk Road explodes.
A world that only women can draw, a gentle inner trip to what you hear. The Silk Road wanders in the brain of a sleepless night.

Yoshiko Sai Special Limited Analog Box

■ Track list

  • 1. THEME~Kasama no Uta
  • 2. Kagami Jigoku
  • 3. Haru
  • 4. Kinunomichi
  • 1. Hito no Inai Shima
  • 2. Nemuri no Kuni
  • 3. Tenshi no Youni
  • 4. Hyouryuusen
  • 5. Mikkou