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“REGGAE definitive” Takaya Suzuki (author)


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“REGGAE definitive” Takaya Suzuki (author)

Base price: 2,650 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/04/07

A5 size, full color, 304 pages

A must-read disc guide for music fans all over the world!

Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Roots, Dub, Dancehall

Over 60 years of history
More than 1000 selected photos are posted
A must-read guide to reggae from beginners to enthusiasts



●Chapter 01 The Ska era (1960-1965)
Column No.1 Sound System Origin

●Chapter 02 The Rock Steady era (1966-1968)
Column No.2 1968 First reggae

●Chapter 03 The Early Reggae era (1969-1972)
Column No.3 DJ vocal style
Column No.4 Roots Rock Reggae, Babylon, Fire pon Rome

●Chapter 04 The Roots Rock Reggae era (1973-1979)
Column No.5 Sly & Robbie and the Roots Radics, from rockers to dancehall

●Chapter 05 The Early Dancehall era (1980-1984)
Column No.6 Dancehall era
Column No.7 Scientist manga dub

●Chapter 06 The Digital Dancehall era (1985-1992)
Column No.8 My favorite riddims.
Column No.9 Reggae, the Bible, and homosexuality

●Chapter 07 The Neo Roots era (1993-1999)

●Chapter 08 The Modern + Hybrid era (2000-2009)
Column No.10 Cannabis issue

●Chapter 09 Reggae Revival era (2010-2020)
Column No.11 Reggae Revival concept