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"ele-king vol.25" ele-king editorial department (ed.)


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"ele-king vol.25" ele-king editorial department (ed.)

List price: ¥1,500 + tax
Release date: 2019/12/26

Special Feature: Introduction to 21st Century DUB

Top: Lee Scratch Perry
Interview Lee "Scratch" Perry  Dub is a Baby (Tsutomu Noda)
Column 21st Century Lee Perry (Yusuke Kawamura)


・Special Feature: Introduction to 21st Century DUB
・Mars89 I don't want to end up licking each other's wounds ─ The talent who will be responsible for the next 10 years talks about dub and society (Takune Kobayashi)
・Khruangbin Mellow Dub Exotica Magician (Tsutomu Noda)
・Low Jack (Low Jack) “Around music” pursued by the new generation of dancehall standard bearers (Tsutomu Noda + Takune Kobayashi)
・1TA (Bim One Production) Continuing resistance flight, sticking to the sound system (Tsutomu Noda)

・disc guide
──162 must-listen dub discs of the 21st century
(Naoki Iijima, Mitsuru Ogawa, Yusuke Kawamura, Takune Kobayashi, Tsutomu Noda, Itaru Mita)
・new chapter of dub
・dance hall
・New Roots/Stepper

・BS0 The most noteworthy party & collective (Taku Asashiba)
・Dub Meeting Osaka Vibes that can only be found here (SAK-DUB-I)

・30 best albums of 2019
──selected by ele-king editorial department

・Top 10 of 2019 by genre
・Electronic dance (Hayato Takahashi)
・UK Rap & Grime (Shintaro Yonezawa)
・Techno (Yoshiharu Sato)
・House (Midori Aoyama)
・US Hip Hop (Itaru Omae)
・Jazz (Mitsuru Ogawa)
・Indie rock (Takeshi Kizu)
・Japanese rap (Ryo Isobe)
・Ambient/Drone (Densinooto)
・Improvisation (Naritsugu Hosoda)
・Global Beats (Takashi Mita)

・My top 10 favorites of 2019
──2019 individual charts by a total of 31 artists/DJs/writers
Midori Aoyama, Ryutaro Amano, Naoki Iijima (DISC SHOP ZERO), Ryo Isobe, Itaru Omae, Mitsuru Ogawa, Yusuke Kawamura, Tsuyoshi Kizu, Gr◯un Sat a.k.a Ground, KEIHIN, Kenmochi Hidefumi (Wednesday Campanella), Gonno, COMPUMA , Yoshiharu Sato (TECHNIQUE), Chee Shimizu, Suzu Takashima, Hayato Takahashi, Katsumi Tanaka (Minyo Crusaders), Denshinooto, Yu Tokumo (Wool & The Pants), TREKKIE TRAX CREW, Yoshihiro Nakamura (JET SET), Koji Nakamura , James Hadfield, Gilles Peterson, Naritsugu Hosoda, Mars89, Ian F. Martin, Itaru Mita, Yosuke Yukimatsu, Shintaro Yonezawa
・Looking back on 2019 with Matthew
--There was no environment, no drugs, no sex, and no aliens.