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PHIL RANELIN『Vibes From The Tribe』LP


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PHIL RANELIN『Vibes From The Tribe』LP

Format: LP
List price: 4,250 yen + tax
Release date: 2023/09/20

★Limited First Edition
★Latest remastering
★With Obi

Phil Ranelin, the founder of the legendary TRIBE Jazz label as well as Wendell Harrison, released his last release on the label in 1976. Phil Ranelin, the founder of the legendary TRIBE label, like Wendell Harrison, released his last release for the label in 1976, a definitive album of spiritual jazz and rare groove music!
This newly mastered masterpiece includes killer jazz funk tunes such as the dope "Vibes From The Tribe," which is overpowered by the ultra-dope breakbeats, and "Sounds From The Village," which folds in with an exquisite groove!

Trombonist Phil Ranelin, who founded the legendary jazz label "TRIBE" with Wendell Harrison and was an important figure in the Detroit jazz scene in the early 70's, is back with a newly mastered version. This album, released in 1976 as the last release of "TRIBE", is a historical piece that cannot be overlooked when talking about the Detroit jazz scene, spiritual jazz, and rare groove in the 70s! From the opening track, the dope "Vibes From The Tribe" (M1) overwhelms you with its supernumerary breakbeats, and the superb jazz funk of "Sounds From The Village" (M2) folds in with its gorgeous horn ensemble and waist-breaking groove, while the bossa flavors of "Rare Groove" (M3) and "Vibes From The Tribe" (M4) are a must-have for any jazz musician. The album is newly mastered and reissued with the latest specifications!

■Track list

  • SIDE A :
  • 1. Vibes From The Tribe (Prelude)
  • 2. Sounds From The Village
  • 3. Wife
  • 4. For The Children
  • 5. Vibes From The Tribe (Encore)
  • SIDE B :
  • 1. He The One We All Knew (Parts 1 & 2)