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William Odell Hughes『Cruisin'』LP


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William Odell Hughes『Cruisin'』LP

Format: LP
Release date: 2023/03/08

★World's first reissue
★First complete limited edition
★Latest Remastering
★With Obi

・The mega-rare album by William Odell Hughes, a Detroit male soul singer whom Wendel Harrison introduced to the world in the 80's with "Wenha", has finally been reissued for the first time in the world!
・The album is full of 80's flavor, from mellow vocal soul numbers to 80's funk featuring synths, disco and boogie sounds.

Wendel Harrison, whose style evolved with the times from "Tribe" to "Wenha," discovered a male soul singer in his hometown of Detroit, William Odell Hughes. This is the first album of William Odell Hughes (1981), a male soul singer discovered by Wendel Harrison in his hometown of Detroit, who evolved his style with the times from "Wenha" to "Wenha". The vocals are extended and sung with great grace from the high tones to the low back, and the mellow soul number "Where Am I" (M3) to the sticky 80's funk "Super-Funk-A-Ga-La-Listic-Freak" (M4) featuring synths, "Super-Funk-A-Ga-La-Listic-Freak" (M5), "Super-Funk-A-Ga-La-Listic-Freak" (M6), and "Super-Funk-A-Ga-La-Listic-Freak" (M7). (M4), and the disco-boogie killer tune "Cruisin'" (M1), the highlight of the album, all of them are full of floor-like sounds that concentrate the best parts of the early 80's! Of course, "Wendel Harrison" also provides full support as an executive producer and contributes a wide range of parts from songwriting to saxophone, flute, and chorus. This mega-rare album has been matured over 40 years and is finally being reissued for the first time in the world!/p>

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Cruisin'
  • 2. Waiting
  • 3. Where Am I
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Super-Funk-A-Ga-La-Listic-Freak
  • 2. I've Got Love On My Mind