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Format: CD
Price: ¥3,000 + tax
Release date:2022/12/07

★Obi/Japanese commentary included
★Imported domestic distribution specs

Jazz Is Dead has become one of the most popular underground and jazz labels in LA, with its first series of 10 releases, which were successfully completed in the midst of the Corona disaster, when the label was unable to hold its original live events. The fifth installment of the second series is now available. This fifth installment of the series, which is now approaching its midpoint, features the most "rare groove" living legend, Garrett Saracho, including those from the first series!

Garrett Saracho is one of the most enigmatic figures in jazz. He has been in touch with the musicians of the jazz scene in the Watts area of Los Angeles since his teenage years, assembled by Horace Tapscott's legendary Pan-African People's Arkestra, and signed to the prestigious impulse! The 1973 album En Medio, which he recorded for the label, was a target of the label's cost-cutting measures against the backdrop of the Middle East oil embargo and never got the promotion it rightfully deserved, but it effortlessly blended jazz, funk and Latin rock. The music has remained a cult classic amongst a tiny minority of rare groove collectors. After the commercial failure of the only album of his career, he turned from vibraphonist to pianist. He also played with that Jimi Hendrix, but then moved from the music industry to behind-the-scenes work in films and stayed away from the recording world, but after a passionate love call from Adrian Young and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, who loved his early musicality, he to set foot in the studio. The songs on this album are a fusion of Latin soul, funk and Adrian's signature psychedelic jazz, which are the mainstays of the band's specialities. The quality of "Sabor del Ritmo" and "El Cambio Es Neccesario" is outstanding, as is the light Latin jazz of "Sabor del Ritmo" and "El Cambio Es Neccesario", which gives a taste of the Latin flavor of New York soul. While the quality of "Sabor del Ritmo" and "El Cambio Es Neccesario" are outstanding, "Trucha", a stew of Latin, rock and breakbeats, is a unique and powerful statement from Adrian Ali, a hip-hop generation member who has listened to Babe Ruth and The Incredible Bongo Band. It's a fascinating cross-generational collaboration. The Gardens", a gentle black jazz track, is also a great example of the Jazz Is Dead series, with a great finish. The Gardens" is also a great album in the vein of "Jazz Is Dead", and is sure to satisfy not only the core vinyl diggers who have always loved it, but also a new generation of jazz fans who have recently discovered "En Medio" and jazz listeners who have not yet been exposed to its talent!

■Track list

  • 1. Sabor del Ritmo
  • 2. Altitude
  • 3. White Buffalo
  • 4. Trucha
  • 5. The Gardens
  • 6. 73
  • 7. El Cambio Es Neccesario
  • 8. Calo