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Yamamoto Seiichi『selfy』LP


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Yamamoto Seiichi『selfy』LP

Format: LP
Price:4,200yen + tax
Release date:2023/02/22

★Complete Limited Edition

The masterpiece that brought comfort and hope to fans in the midst of the abominable Corona disaster is "selfy," Seiichi Yamamoto's first album of songs in five years. Released five years after his second solo album "Rhapsodia," which pioneered "alternative AOR," and his previous album "Waka (Songs for Children)," Seiichi Yamamoto's new album of "songs" was released a little while later, and while songs play a central role, it is a masterpiece that gave comfort and hope to fans amidst the abominable Corona disaster. While songs are at the core of this new Seiichi Yamamoto "Uta" album, it is finished with an exquisite mixture of experimental soundscapes, which is also at the bottom of the "pleasant-to-hear avant-garde" characteristic of Yamamoto's instrumental solo work "CAFE BRAIN," released in July 2020. Again, this is a masterpiece.

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. フレア
  • 2. selfy
  • 3. Jargon
  • 4. Simon
    SIDE B:
  • 1. ハッピー・バースデイ(to invisible something)
  • 2. Four Waves
  • 3. windmill