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Format: LP
Release data:2023/07/19

★With Obi
★complete limited edition

A heavyweight masterpiece that will go down in Japanese rock history! TOTSUZEN DANBALL shocking debut album, 『Naritatsu Kana ?』 (1981) is reissued on LP for the first time!

TOTSUZEN DANBALL, with their own unique world that refuses to be easily categorized, was formed in 1977 by brothers Eiichi Tsutaki (vo) and Shunji (g), and made their debut on PASS Records in 1980 with the single "White Man," which became a hot topic in their mysterious world. This LP reissue of their memorable first album, produced in 1981, features the tranquil acoustic guitars and the sound of the band's first album, "White Man". The album is a unique, dry and humorous album with a tranquil acoustic guitar sound and experimental tape editing. The non-bossa nova "Daughter of Ipanema" shook the world. The one-and-only sound of this album has been a topic of conversation overseas, leading to collaborations with artists such as Fred Frith (ex. Henry Cow) and Lor Coxhill (whose works will also be released on LP in the near future). For this reissue, the album includes two bonus tracks, "Natsu wa Kagero" and “Sonomama De Iiyo", which are masterpieces that were omitted from the album.

■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. 選択と配列
  • 2. イパネマの娘
  • 3. 木工
  • 4. 介添人の希望すること
  • 5. ( )
  • 6. そのままで(明日はクリスマス)
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. To.........
  • 2. ときどき
  • 3. ゆっくり立つ ゆっくり座る
  • 4. ヤ・ス・ミ
  • 5. 成り立つかな?
  • 6. 夏はかげろう