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Format: LP
Price: 4,250yen+tax
Release data: 2023/03/22

★First complete limited production
★Latest remastering
★With obi

・Wendell Harrison, the founder of "Tribe" and a saxophonist with many great performances since the 70's, first released this album in 1985 on "Rebirth", the rail he started after "Wenha"!
・This is an excellent jazz album that shows a return to the spiritual orientation of the label, which is worthy of its "Rebirth" label name, from the contemporary-oriented "Wenha" of the 80s to its roots!

Wendell Harrison, who reiterates his passion as a jazz musician with the "Rebirth" label name on this album, is joined by his friend Harold Mckinney, another leader of the Detroit jazz scene, on the brilliant "Winter" (M1), a piano-driven opening number. The opening number "Winter" (M1), with the brilliant piano of his friend Harold Mckinney, who is also a leader of the Detroit jazz scene, is followed by "Love Dream" (M2), a light Brazilian jazz song that blends Leon Thomas' warm vocals with a bossa flavor, and the spiritual and freaky "He's He's He's He's He's" (M3), which is a powerful bluesy tune. He's The One We All Knew" (M3), a spiritual and freaky tune that Wendell blows with great gusto. The second half of the album continues the momentum, with the fusion-like title track "Reawakening" (M4) with Wendell's flute playing a light, mellow melody, and the percussive beat and horn section intertwining in all directions to create the jet-black funkiness of "Tons & Tons Of Ofamp" (M5), which is a great example of the jazz sound of the band. Tons & Tons Of B.S." (M5), which is a performance of maturity! He also performed "Where Am I," a Wendell Harrison song that was featured on the Tribe-era classic "An Evening With The Devil," in an innovative arrangement featuring Leon Thomas' vocals, as if tracing his own career. It is a masterpiece suitable for the launch of the new label "Rebirth"!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Winter
  • 2. Love Dream
  • 3. He's The One We All Knew
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Reawakening
  • 2. Tons & Tons Of B.S.
  • 3. Where Am I