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Format: LP

★First complete limited edition
★Latest remastering
★With Obi

Wendel Harrison, the founder of legendary Jazz label "TRIBE" and a saxophone player who has left many great performances since the 70's, released this album in 1981 on "WENHA", the successor label of "TRIBE". 

This is a reissue of the highly acclaimed 1981 album on WENHA, the successor label to TRIBE, which features more of the 80s feel from the previous year's "Dreams Of A Love Supreme" and a modern soul and boogie sound that makes full use of synthesizers such as Moog!

The previous year's "Dreams Of A Love Supreme", the first album released on "WENHA", the successor label to "TRIBE", was a turning point for the band. It was a turning point album that incorporated the smooth feeling of the early 80's while retaining the philosophy of the 70's "TRIBE" filled with spirituality and blackness. This album is full of 80's flavor with more mellow and smooth feeling! The mellow fusion "Ginseng Love" (A1) with its deep chorus and synth sounds, and the smooth instrumental ballad "Winter" (A2) are followed by the disco-boogie number "Love Juice" (A3) was updated to the floor, a disco-boogie number that was already bewitching even from its title! The album also includes "The Wok” (B2), one of Wendell Harrison's best-known songs from the 80s with its oriental mellow sound, and has been reissued with the latest remastering!

■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. Ginseng Love
  • 2. Winter
  • 3. Love Juice
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. Peace Of Mind
  • 2. The Wok
  • 3. A Green Meadow