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9m88 『平庸之上 Beyond Mediocrity』LP


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9m88 『平庸之上 Beyond Mediocrity』LP

format: LP
Release Date:2023/09/15

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, he studied fashion in college and then majored in jazz at the prestigious School of Jazz & Contemporary Music in New York City. music with influences from R&B, soul, jazz, pop, and many other genres. In 2017, he released "Kutoujin Hina/PLASTIC LOVE" on 2manysound, a Taiwanese label, and it was a hit in Japan. In 2018, he performed in Japan at Aoyama Tsukimiru, and in 2019, he appeared on the Billboard Stage at Summer Sonic. In his home country of Taiwan, he has performed with men from Japan such as AAAMYYYY, D.A.N., STUTS, Tempalay, and TENDRE, and has participated in the chorus for the work of Sunset Rollercoaster, and  collaboration work with Leo-king (the most famous hip-hop label in Taiwan, "KAO!INC" affiliation. )
She is affectionately known as "Barber"

■Track list

  • 1.Intro – She is
  • 2.平庸之上 Beyond Mediocrity
  • 3.最高品質靜悄悄 Airplane Mode ft. Leo王
  • 4.Aim High
  • 5.浪費時間 Waste of Time
  • 1.廚餘戀人 Leftlovers
  • 2.愛情雨 Love Rain
  • 3.九頭身日奈 Nine Head Hinano
  • 4.Inner
  • 5.如果可以 If I Could