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BES & ISSUGI『Purple Ability』2LP


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BES & ISSUGI『Purple Ability』

Format: LP x 2
List Price: 3,980 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/05/19

★Limited Edition

BES, also known for his work as SCARS / SWANKY SWIPE and his collaboration with I-DeA on the mix "BES ILL LOUNGE Part 3 - Mixed by I-DeA", has released his 2019 album "GEMZ" and a remix of the same album under the name "16GEMZ". He has also released two instrumental albums, "GEMZ" and "GEMZ INSTRUMENTAL", each on vinyl, and "BEATS FOR GEMZ", a 2-CD compilation of two instrumental albums, "GEMZ" and "16GEMZ", a remix of the same album under the name 16FLIP VS ISSUGI, Rapper ISSUGI of MONJU / SICK TEAM continues to release new releases.

The second joint album "Purple Ability", which was released last July as a collaboration between the two rappers, is now being released in a limited edition two-disc analog edition! Guest artists include STICKY, who passed away suddenly this January from SCARS, Mr. PUG and Senninsho from MONJU, and producers GWOP SULLIVAN, DJ SCRATCH NICE, GRADIS NICE, 16FLIP, DJ FRESH, ENDRUN and FITZ AMBRO$E. The chemistry between BES & ISSUGI is always 200% HIPHOP.

■Track list

  • SIDE-A:
  • 1. Welcome 2 PurpleSide
  • 2. SoundBowy Bullet
  • 3. Callback
  • 4. Purple Breath
  • SIDE-B:
  • 1. 大丈夫?
  • 2. Interlude
  • 3. Hits a stick
  • 4. Trap to Trap ft 仙人掌,Mr.PUG
  • SIDE-C:
  • 1. Belly
  • 2. Stack the ...
  • 3. Skit
  • 4. Inner Trial ft Sticky
  • SIDE-D:
  • 1. 明日への鍵
  • 2. Nice Dream
  • 3. BoomBap pt2