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Format: 2CD
List price: 2,700 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/04/08

★Complete limited production
★Inclusion benefit: Jacket design sticker

Rapper ISSUGI, also known as a member of MONJU and SICK TEAM, compiles instrumentals from his 2019 release "GEMZ" and remixes under the name 16FLIP VS ISSUGI "16GEMZ" on the 2 CD set "BEATS FOR This is a completely limited pressing available only at the P-VINE OFFICIAL SHOP!

 A member of SICK TEAM with MONJU, Budamunk, and 5lack, the core of DOGEAR RECORDS, and recently dropped two albums as BES & ISSUGI, he has been making solo works as well as collaborating with his friends with his natural and unwavering sense of style and resonance. ISSUGI is a rapper with a sense and skill to constantly update his music with his own resonant power.

BUDAMUNK (PADS), WONK's HIKARU ARATA (DRUM), KAN INOUE (BASS), CRO-MAGNON's TAKUMI KANEKO (KEYS), MELRAW (SAX, FLUTE, TRUMPET, GUITAR) and DJ K FLASH ( The album "GEMZ", released in 2019, was produced with the support of Red Bull and incorporates a band sound, and was highly acclaimed beyond genres as a work that shows the further evolution of ISSUGI as a hip-hop artist. The album was highly acclaimed beyond its genre. His remix of "16GEMZ," released last year as 16FLIP, ISSUGI's own beat maker and DJ name, was also a hot topic of conversation. The 2-CD work "BEATS FOR GEMZ", a compilation of instrumentals from "GEMZ" and "16GEMZ", has been released in a completely limited press!
This work includes the instrumental of "GEMZ" on DISC 1 and the instrumental of "16GEMZ" on DISC 2. It will be sold only at this P-VINE OFFICIAL SHOP, and a sticker with the jacket design will be enclosed as a bonus.

■Track list

  • DISC-1:
  • 1. GEMZ INTRO Instrumental
  • 2. ONE RIDDIM Instrumental
  • 3. NEW DISH Instrumental
  • 4. BLACK DEEP ft. Mr.PUG, 仙人掌 Instrumental
  • 5. DRUMLUDE Instrumental
  • 6. HERE ISS Instrumental
  • 7. LIL SUNSHINE REMIX Instrumental
  • 8. FIVE ELEMENTS ft OYG, Mr.PUG, 仙人掌 Instrumental
  • 9. 踊狂REMIX ft. 5lack Instrumental
  • 10. OLD SONG ft DEVIN MORRISON Instrumental
  • 11. HEAT HAZE REMIX ft Mr.PUG Instrumental
  • 12. LOUDER Instrumental
  • 13. MISSION ft KOJOE Instrumental
  • 14. 再生 Instrumental
  • 15. No.171 Instrumental
  • 16. GEMZ OUTRO Instrumental
  • DISC-2:
  • 1. GEMZ INTRO REMIX Instrumental
  • 2. ONE RIDDIM REMIX Instrumental
  • 3. NEW DISH REMIX Instrumental
  • 4. FIVE ELEMENTS ft. OYG, Mr.PUG, 仙人掌 REMIX Instrumental
  • 5. 再生 REMIX Instrumental
  • 6. INTERLUDE Instrumental
  • 7. 踊狂 ft. 5lack REMIX Instrumental
  • 8. OLD SONG ft. DEVIN MORRISON REMIX Instrumental
  • 9. MISSION ft. KOJOE REMIX Instrumental
  • 10. GEMZ OUTRO REMIX Instrumental