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Susumu Yokota『Symbol』LP(Colored clear vinyl)【RED】


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Susumu Yokota『Symbol』LP(Colored clear vinyl)【RED】

Format: LP
Price: 3,500 yen + tax
Release date:2021/08/18

★ First-time limited production
★ Latest remastering
★ Obi / Japanese commentary included

The latest remastering reissue of the late masterpiece "symbol" in the world of beauty pursued by the solitary electronic musician Susumu Yokota!

"I've never made a work while having fun, either by flying it or making it with tears," Yokota told me in an interview at Ikejiri in late 1997.There is no doubt that "symbol" is a work made with tears, if you ask him as a person who interviewed him several times.
──Tsutomu Noda(ele-king)※From liner notes

Just as Pitchfork once said why Japanese people value Radiohead and not Susumu Yokota, Susumu Yokota is so highly regarded overseas that a retrospective exhibition is held in London.A beautiful electronic music masterpiece made in his short life is reissued here.His 30th album, "symbol", the 8th from his label "Skintone", was released on October 27, 2004."I made it with symbolism in mind," he said in an interview at the time, but it can be said that his aesthetics are summarized here."When I think about it, what I came up with was symbolist. Spirits, angels, souls, etc. were always themes within me," Yokota said at the time. ing.While cutting up fragments of classical music, a problematic work that depicts the beauty he pursues ── remastered, its charm is finally released to the world!

■Susumu Yokota
He started his musical activities in the early 90's, and when "Frankfurt Tokyo Connection" released from the German techno label "Harthouse" in 1993 became a hot topic in Japan and abroad and attracted attention, he became the first Japanese to love Rave in 1994. Appearing in a parade, he became widely known as a techno / house / electronica producer who led the scene in Japan in the early days of rave culture. In the 90's, he was mainly based on independent labels such as "Sublime Records", his own label "skintone" from the end of the 90's, and "Lo Recordings" in London, but in 2006 he continued to work. He is also active in major fields such as providing music for the Hollywood movie "Babel". After a long period of fighting against illness, he died in 2015, released more than 35 albums and more than 30 singles during about 22 years of activity, and released "Dreamer" in 2012, but after his death However, the evaluation of the scene does not fluctuate, the release and reissue of unreleased sound sources are constantly performed, and the memorial event will be held in London in 2019, and it is still an artist loved by listeners all over the world. be.

■Track list

  • 1.long long silk bridge
  • 2.purple rose minuet
  • 3.traveler in the wonderland
  • of the sleeping forest
  • 5.the plateau which the zephyr of flora occupies
  • 6.fairy dance of twinkle and shadow
  • 1.flaming love and destiny
  • 2.the dying black swan
  • sky and yellow sunflower
  • 4.capriccio and the innovative composer
  • 5.i close the door upon myself.
  • 6.symbol of life, love, and aesthetics
  • from the lake surface