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“TECHNO definitive expanded and modified edition” Itaru Mita + Tsutomu Noda (editors)


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『TECHNO definitive Augmented modified version』

Price: ¥2,600 + tax
Release date: 2021/03/03

I'll be listening to techno again today.

A long-selling carefully selected disc guide that systematically captures its history.
The definitive edition of the techno disc catalog is back with additions and corrections and more pages!

The cover illustration is once again drawn by Abu Kadim Haq.




  • Space Age
  • Krautrock
  • Synth-Pop
  • Electro
  • Rave Culture
  • Detroit Techno
  • Hard Minimal / Dub Techno
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Glitch / Drone
  • Electroclash
  • Dubstep / L.A.Beat
  • Juke / Bass Music