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“ele-king vol.26” ele-king editorial department (ed.)


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“ele-king vol.26” ele-king editorial department (ed.)

List price: ¥1,500 + tax
Release date: 2020/12/25

Extra page special issue!

Auteka 45,000 character interview
──Hip-hop, pirate broadcasts, and from Stockhausen to rave
Comes with a column and disc guide about the equipment used

Special Feature: An Invitation to Electronic Listening Music
──Rethinking electronic music listening in the room based on the concept proposed in 1992
Introducing 134 must-listen boards from six perspectives: ”90s Sound'', ”Memorial Andrew Weatherall'', ”Dub Techno'', ”Hypnagogic Sound & Escapeism'', ”John Hassell Re-evaluation'', ”Modern Classical'', Mike Paladinus Also an interview with

30 best albums of 2020 announced
2020 best 10 by genre and personal chart by a total of 32 groups
──What was the music that touched your heart the most in this turbulent year?

table of contents

Auteka: Investigating the endless world of sound

45,000-word interview (Tsutomu Noda)

Considering the equipment Autecha has used (Numb)
Auteka seen from the creator's side (COM.A)
Generation and creativity──Auteka and Max/MSP (Akihiko Matsumoto)

[Disc Guide]
30 carefully selected Auteka works (Yusuke Kawamura, Masaki Kubo, COM.A, Takune Kobayashi, Tsutomu Noda, Masato Matsumura)

Special Feature: An Invitation to Electronic Listening Music

[Column & Chart]
Electronic listening music = Popularization of electronic music to enjoy at home (Tsumi Noda)
Many producers suffered from "Mad Mike disease" - About 90's techno (Takashi Mita)
90's ELM - 5 of my favorites (Yusuke Kawamura, KEN=GO→, Takune Kobayashi, Dai Sato, Genichi Sugita, Hayato Takahashi, Tsutomu Noda, Itaru Mita)

[Disc Guide]
(Yusuke Kawamura, Takune Kobayashi, Tsutomu Noda, Itaru Mita)
90s electronic listening music
In memory of Andrew Weatherall
dub techno
Hypnagogic Sound & Escapism
John Hassell re-evaluation
modern classical

Mike Paradinas (Tsutomu Noda + Takuon Kobayashi)

30 best albums of 2020
Ambient (Itaru Mita)
House (Midori Aoyama)
Jazz (Mitsuru Ogawa)
US Hip Hop (Itaru Omae)
Japanese rap (Ryo Isobe)
Indie rock (Takeshi Kizu)
Afro Techno (Itaru Mita)

My top 10 favorites of 2020
─ 2020 individual charts by a total of 31 artists/DJs/writers and others

Midori Aoyama, Ryutaro Amano, Ryo Isobe, Tsuhiro Ekai, Itaru Ohmae, Mitsuru Ogawa, Shunya Oguma, Shinpei Kaiho, Yusuke Kawamura, Tsuyoshi Kizu, Kuroneko (Sayonara Ponytail), Mariko Sakamoto, Mir Shinoda (yahyel), Shibasaki Yuji, Suzu Takashima, Hayato Takahashi, Denshinooto, tofubeats, Yu Tokumo (Wool & The Pants), James Hadfield, Marihiko Hara, Gilles Peterson, Nobu Niki, Hosoda Naritsugu, Mars89, Ian F. Martin, Kazuhiko Masumura, Masato Matsumura, Itaru Mita, yukinoise, Shintaro Yonezawa
──selected by ele-king editorial department

15 best reissues

Top 10 of 2020 by genre

Electronic dance (Hayato Takahashi)
Techno (Yoshiharu Sato)