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Format: LP
Price: 3,600 yen + tax
Release Date:2021/10/20

Dynamic and moody.Rudolph Johnson, who plays tenor saxophone with a wonderful sense of balance, dropped his second and last leader album in 1973!A masterpiece from the soul that boasts the highest sound pressure and intensity in the "Black Jazz" catalog!

Rudolph Johnson, a tenor saxophone player from Columbus, Ohio, who is proud of , released his second leader work "The Second Coming" in 1973, which is one of the most famous black jazz catalogs. It's a work with a high call.The tenor saxophone phrase that remains in your head as if it springs from a spring is delivered one after another with tremendous power, and Kirk Lightsey's piano, which is familiar to black jazz fans, is good at moody comfort. It is in harmony with the condition.In particular, the play that is shown in the title song "The Second Coming" that decorates the last is a rampage that has done everything as if Rudolph Johnson's musical life could end here. It's a masterpiece and crazy.And above all, it's beautiful.

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. The Traveler
  • 2. Time And Space
  • 3. The Highest Pleasure
    SIDE B:
  • 1. The Water Bearer
  • 2. The Socond Coming